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What is NetSetGo?

Woolworths NetSetGo is Australia’s official starter netball program for boys and girls. It has been developed to provide children from 5 to 10 years with the best possible learning and playing experience to develop a positive introduction to netball, ensuring enjoyment and continued participation.
Kids of any ability or experience are introduced to a number of fundamental motor and netball skills in a netball environment. It’s a chance to learn the netball basics, get outside and make some friends. Participants will experience fun and success by participating in age and developmentally appropriate activities and minor games that foster cooperation, teamwork and the ability to listen to and follow directions. Children learn and practice the foundation netball skills of throwing, catching, shooting and running. Sessions combine a structured, fun-based skills development and age appropriate match play. 
The focus is on maximum involvement, being active and having fun. Children of all abilities get an equal chance to participate. It’s a learning experience. And a lot of fun. One week it might be passing drills and ball games, next it could be shooting and practice matches. All Woolworths NetSetGO sessions are led by a friendly netball coach, using equipment built specially for kids.

NetSetGo: Welcome

Term 3 NetSetGo

NetSetGO is Netball Australia’s junior entry netball program. It has been developed to provide children with the best possible learning and playing experience to develop a positive introduction to netball, ensuring enjoyment and continued participation. Here’s a rough guide of what our NetSetGo levels look like.

Net Level is our Foundation - Year 2

where we tech netball related fundamental motor skills through fun games and activities. It's all about picking up basic movement skills. Get ready to run a lot, catch a lot, and play a lot of ball games. We also introduce a bit of touch netball at this level.

Set Level is our Year 3-4 where we refine fundamental motor skills and introduction to modified netball matches. Our coaches look to maximise development of technical and tactical skills over the program period.

We play lots of touch netball at this level.

Go Level is our U9s. We have modified match rules at this level to provide a smooth transition into junior netball (adult rules) whilst ensuring the participants are achieving success. Modified equipment (size 4 ball and 2.4m goal post) is an important adaptation for this tier as it allows for correct technique to be executed with greater proficiency. We have some competitive elements (like scoring) however the focus is not on winning. All participants are provided with equal court time and exposure to a variety of positions. There are no finals at this level. We have a four second and four feet rule instead. This is to prepare our budding little netballers in readiness for U11s.

It’s important to remember that kids aren’t just small adults. Their bodies are still developing, and we don’t want to make things too difficult at this early age. The rules and equipment have been modified to help kids play more easily (and most importantly enjoy the game).

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